"The work Ray does with NLP and MER is amazing..."

Emerson N. says, "Ray has been coaching me for a little over a year. It has been an amazing experience and I wish I had started sooner... If you are struggling to "let things go" (could be something recent or from childhood) or need someone to help you build your confidence up, talk to Ray. You will be glad you did!"

How change (really) happens:

In the realm of physical health, you may hire a trainer to help you find more energy and get rid of those last five pounds or create a breakthrough so you can run your first marathon, keep up with your kids/grandkids, or feel more confident in your own skin.

Great news:

The same can be done with your mind to create a more empowered and fulfilled life!

Even better news:

If you're like most people, you won't have to read an entire shelf of self help books or spend all of your spare time and money in therapy to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing...

In fact, all you need to create a meaningful and lasting change is four simple steps (also known as "the four requisites for change") and My Coach Ray can guide you through them, like a trainer for your mind!

The Four Requisites for Change


Release work


Create a compelling future


Take action


Focus on what you want

"My coaching with Ray lived up to its promise of being transformational..."

Debbie A. says, "While I had been coached before, a lot of my previous coaching revolved around skills, tips, and techniques related to my business practice. Ray's coaching helped me in all areas of my life. Once I was able to explore my deep rooted habits of the past, let go, and began operating with a better mindset, all areas of my life improved.

The NLP and MER techniques have left me feeling "lighter," more forgiving of myself and others, more focused, and less stressed. I was able to achieve great results in weight loss, exercise, personal relationships, AND business this past year! Coaching with Ray was a game changer. I highly recommend Ray."



What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the study of excellent communication - how we communicate with ourselves and others. It is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP can be used in creating a desired positive mental and/or emotional state, creating clarity around a big life decision, changing habits or beliefs that are holding you back from the life you desire, and more.

What is Mental and Emotional Release® (MER)?

MER is a visualization process using your timeline to release past negative emotional baggage (i.e. anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, etc.), limiting beliefs, and phobias.

It has been researched, clinically tested, and shown to be one of the most effective methods on the planet.

What is a Breakthrough Session (BTS)?

A BTS is a 5-8 hour session over the course of a few days where we work in a specific area of your life to create desired and lasting change.

During the BTS, we...

  • Do a detailed personal history
  • Get rid of any limiting beliefs and emotional baggage using MER
  • Elicit values and make any necessary changes to values
  • Create a compelling future

Breakthrough sessions are particularly suitable for stress, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, improving self-confidence, improving career development and progression and/or change of career, feelings of inertia in any area of life (career, relationships, health, and personal development), developing a sense of inner balance, self-confidence, self-acceptance, motivation, and direction.

Does it really matter what credentials my coach has?

Absolutely! Coaching is a billion dollar industry, but it isn't a regulated industry (technically, anyone could call themselves a "coach"). That means it's up to you to confirm that the person you're looking to for help is properly equipped to provide it.

For example, the techniques utilized by My Coach Ray aren't just surface-level "feel good" ideas that anyone could find in a popular personal development book and repeat back to you. Instead, these processes date back to the 1970s and have been proven to work for their intended purposes, when administered properly. So, if your coach doesn't have the proper training (if they aren't certified), there's a chance that their interpretation of these (or other) methods won't be effective or may even be harmful.

In other words: even if My Coach Ray isn't a good fit for you, we don't want you to end up worse off than you started... so, please do double check that any coach you consider working with has the right credentials.

** About Ray's credentials:

Ray has been certified by the Association for Integrated Psychology (AIP) as a Trainer of NLP and MER.

That means, he has invested more than 120 hours into "very advanced training," accumulated more than 15 hours of "direct supervision," and passed his assessments; all of that work was completed in addition to previously earning his certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP and MER (which is required to become a Trainer of NLP and MER and includes another 240+ hours of study, 15 hours of direct supervision, and two more assessments).

Also, Ray is responsible for obtaining 20 hours of continuing education credits each year, in order to maintain his "approved" status as a Trainer of NLP and MER (so he can continue coaching and training at this level) - he is currently "in good standing" with the AIP.

Where do we start?

The first step is to complete a free 30-minute discovery call (video consultation) to discuss what the best plan is moving forward. With a better understanding of your situation and goals, Ray can share his expert advice - empowering you to choose the next steps that make sense for you.

Ready to take the first step?

Change doesn't have to be so hard (promise!). If you're ready to get started now or want to learn more about how NLP, MER, or a BTS can help you create the change you've been looking for, click the button below to find a time to talk to Ray.