"I can confidently say that Ray is worth every penny!"

Noah R. says, "He’s a wealth of knowledge and information, a consistent positive and reliable coach, and he’s committed to my success both in my personal and professional life."


Ambitious Individuals

When you're used to constantly pushing yourself to be the best, it's easy to overlook how much pressure and stress you've accumulated... until you hit a breaking point.

If you want to avoid the inevitable meltdown, keep yourself on track, and make your next win even easier to achieve, click the button below to talk to Ray.

Ray loves to challenge himself - from taking cold showers to completing the #75Hard program... if growth is an option, Ray's making it happen (fun fact: Ray's testimonial appears in the Miracle Morning, a best selling book by Hal Elrod).

Speaking of mornings, Ray hosts a room on Clubhouse every morning at 6AM ET called Creating an Empowered Life and their motto is "we do hard things."

If you like to do hard things too (in other words: if your friends might say consistent progress is part of who you are), Ray can help you avoid the plateaus on your way to the next summit.


Professional Sales Teams

Leading a sales team is hard work and the stakes couldn't be higher: you don't just want your team to perform... you need them to!

If you want to give your team their very best chance at success (without having to spend your limited free time studying best practices), click the button below to talk to Ray.

Ray has nearly 20 years of sales experience, working as both a sales professional and a manager at both B2B and B2C companies, winning multiple awards for his impressive results.

Over time, Ray has observed an important pattern: even the best sales teams are often missing the key components that limit them from reaching their peak productivity.

Fortunately, Ray isn't only experienced in sales; his NLP training has taught him the secrets to even more successful goal setting, effective stress management, and impactful communication. He can teach those secrets to your team too.

Real Estate Agents

Whether you just got your license or consistently sell over 25 houses per year, you may worry that something's holding you back from reaching your true potential.

If you want to build a thriving real estate business (not just a hobby or side hustle), click the button below to talk to Ray.

Ray is the official coach for "Real Producers - Charleston" and a licensed real estate agent.

He knows the real estate industry inside and out (fun facts: Ray earned his license after only two weeks of studying and he spent over a year working as an ISA for one of the top teams in Atlanta before he transitioned to coaching full time).

More importantly, Ray knows how to help you identify and overcome the issues that have been holding you back at work... and, if you're like most people, in the rest of your life too.

"Normal" Families

Every family is different and experiences its own unique challenges - that's "normal." How you handle those challenges, in the moment and throughout your life, may be exactly the thing that makes you special.

If you're ready to begin the future you've always dreamed of, click the button below to talk to Ray.

Ray was born in Miami, FL and grew up in a suburb of Charlotte, NC with a very supportive mom and two younger brothers. His life wasn't perfect, but no one's is... and that's perfectly "normal."

Ray's NLP training and client work has taught him that, whether you've had a great childhood or a rough one, you aren't alone. And, more importantly, what you experienced before doesn't have to define you now.

So, instead of carrying around all of the "normal" baggage you didn't realize you picked up along the way, let Ray help you identify it and let it go. That way, you can be an even better partner, parent, and family member from now on.

Ready to talk to Ray?

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