"My life has irreversibly changed since my coaching sessions with Ray..."

Jen E. says, "In the span of two days, 38 years of doubt and limiting beliefs were removed never to return. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from Ray’s services. This type of work is collectively improving the quality of life for all of humanity."


Most people hate changing, but they love how they feel after they've changed...

So, they hope and they wish and they try every personal development program they can find; but, ultimately, they still struggle to get where they want to go...

Have you experienced this?

If so - don't worry, My Coach Ray is here to help YOU get through the process of change faster so that you can enjoy the life you always wanted (just like he did for Jen, as above, and Nancy, as below).

And, if for whatever reason, his techniques aren't the right fit for your situation... he'll tell you that right away (not make you wait to figure it out on your own, three or six or twelve months later).


"My only wish is that I did this sooner."

Nancy N. says, "I started coaching with Ray a little over a month ago and cannot believe the positive transformation in me already!! With NLP and MER, he has helped me let go of a lot of emotional baggage that I have been dealing with for years... My whole perspective in life and how I view myself has done a complete 180 degree turn for the better!!"

What's on your wish list?

Here are some of the changes you can make faster with My Coach Ray:

Take control over unwanted cravings

Struggling to put down the ice cream, chips, or soda? This isn't about diet; it's about control. If you "just can't stop" eating or drinking something (even when you really want to), Ray can help.

And, don't worry - if you still want to indulge a little from time to time, you'll be able to... you just won't feel compelled to!

Feel calm when thinking about the future

Anxiety is a "normal" part of life for a lot of people, especially with everything that's happened over the last year, but it doesn't have to be that way for you.

Our proven techniques can help you find a sense of calm and confidence, no matter what expectation or worry has been overwhelming you.

React, just the right amount

Ever realize you're crying or arguing for no reason? There may be an accumulation of anger, sadness, fear, or guilt that's been piling on to the emotions you feel and causing you to "overreact."

For most people, Ray can get to the root of your (hidden) baggage and release it in only a couple sessions.

Try something you never imagined you could

Ever freeze or make an excuse and turn down a great opportunity because you were too afraid or had a traumatic experience? You aren't alone.

Whether you've been missing out on adventures (like flying on a plane) or everyday activities (like stepping into an elevator), Ray knows how to get rid of your worst phobias and PTSD symptoms for good.

Communicate more effectively at work

Our group breakthrough sessions and corporate training workshops empower your employees to communicate with clients, prospects, and each other more effectively.

Gift your team with the tools and support they need to do their best work, grow your business, and grow themselves.

Become an even better version of yourself

When you think about all of the areas of your life (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual...), are there any you aren't 100% satisfied in (yet)?

Even most self-proclaimed "overachievers" will admit they still have room for improvement - Ray will help you reveal your big why and achieve your next important goal.

Ready to stop wishing and start thriving?

You deserve to live the life you've always wanted. Click the button below to schedule a free "discovery call" with Ray - this is your time to tell Ray about your situation/goals and get his expert opinion on your best next steps (no pressure... only listening and honest advice).